Worth the Trouble

“Every relationship with a man takes continuous effort, prevailing patience, true understanding, healthy communication, breaking down barriers, biting of the tongue, and all around tough-love… Might as well be with a man that’s worth the trouble”

One Response to Worth the Trouble

  1. Sounds pretty fatalistic, Dia. I could say the same thing about women, but what would be the point?

    It seems to me that with the one special person out there for everyone, barriers will be more like roadsigns, and biting of the tongue would be counterproductive and actually reinforce whatever barriers actually are there.

    By deciding to “Go Out There and Love Someone,” keeping in mind that ‘Without Self-Love, We (really) Are Nothing’…if you are not free to be you – that person is not Worth the Trouble after all.

    Email me sometime – hope all is well. Btw, great blog!