One Year From Today…

A year ago, I was studying communications at FIU, living off of student loans, and thinking about what the next steps were in my career, love, and life. I was wandering through life, on a steady path, but still wandering and wondering…

This year, looking back at 2010, I achieved many of my goals and re-defined some others that will always be in progress. Graduating with my bachelors at the end of 2010 was a grand achievement, and finding a job in the realm of what I studied is also purely amazing. Found a new passion in creating websites and ultimately freelancing more than I ever had before; definitely a plus. Re-defining my love for working out and meditating, I am focusing now on building physical and mental strength with new and exciting workouts. I find the gym to be great for group-workouts, but I feel the most peaceful when I run on South Beach. On such note, here comes the lineup for how I think (and would like) my life will be different one year from today:

+ Meditate for at least 30 minutes every day
+ Work out daily to be in ideal physical shape
+ Will have spent more time with my family
+ Have my own place, preferably close to the city
+ Obtain a notable position in my career
+ Create a charity or take part in a charitable event
+ Continue studying marketing via online books, etc.
+ Created my own e-book and inspire others in the biz
+ Have taken or planned a trip across the Atlantic!

Now, how do you think your life will be different in a year?

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