Make-or-Break for Relationships: Miami Nightlife

When a relationship starts off with the question “patron on the rocks?” we would expect that it’s destined for disaster. But in a city like Miami, where people focus on getting ready for their night-life more than preparing for their day-jobs, there has to be hope for those looking for love.

From sweaty cheeks to smudged makeup or a few too many drinks and intense honesty, a person might get to know you even better at a nightclub than on a first date. Not to say it’s impossible, or possible, to find your soul-mate at a late night party, but the reality is that Miamians need to work with what they’ve got.

There are a few tricks though to meeting someone and actually making an eventful evening with a future out of it, not just a one night stand.

First, and the most clear, is that somewhere like Club Space is not where you meet your other-half. Overly crowed clubs with ear clogging sound are not the place to get to know anyone. Instead, try a bar with a special array of drinks or a lounge with a trendy DJ and lower music.

Second, don’t limit yourself to the stare-at-a-guy trick in hopes that he’ll come over and talk to you. This is not a maneuver that any man appreciates; what guy really wants a chick who’s gawking over him for the last half hour? Let’s face it, if a guy doesn’t come up to you immediately after your eyes lock, he’s probably taken already or just not interested. The truth here is that women tend to be “searching” for the right-man as they enter a bar, but in reality the right one is most likely not the one you’re eagle eye is sniped onto. Instead, enjoy a casual drink at the bar while making conversation with the bartender or the person next to you. If a real-man is around, he will kindly introduce himself because he already noticed you as you walked into the room. From there, initial attraction and good conversation will lead the way for the beginning of a beautiful evening.

Lastly, don’t limit yourself in meeting people by going out in large groups. Yes, it’s always a great time when you’re out with a multitude of friends, but this is not what will lead you to meeting a man of interest. Men tend to be cautious when there is a she-pack of women and usually won’t interject into your pow-wow-session. Instead, you and one girl friend – or two friends maximum – should be out together when looking for some serious connections. By doing so, this makes the chance meeting of other interesting souls much more likely and smoother.

The barstool with happiness written all over it is a real possibility, just be aware of your own actions and where exactly you’re looking for “him.” You might live in a plethora of party, but you can still play your cards right and meet some great guy out there who’s looking for you too.

Hot Spots for Potential Mr’s:
(or Mrs’ for you gentlemen out there!)

Abraxas Lounge – South Beach
407 Meridian Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

—A Featured Location, and a personal favorite, for a good time is Abraxas Lounge. This is a place where you can meet people while enjoying beer from all over the world. Just tell the bartender the “flavors” you prefer in a nice brew, and he or she will hook you up with a delicious beer of your liking. You’ll leave here relaxed and definitely wanting to come back for another taste.

Badrutts Place – Brickell
1250 South Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33130

—Another Featured Location for great food and a beautiful ambiance is Badrutts Place in Brickell. This newly-remodeled restaurant, lounge, and cigar bar encompasses a wide array of business professionals and party goers alike. The mood is upbeat and exciting, with dinner areas indoors and outdoors, to suite whatever mood you’re in.

Bardot – Design District
34th North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

—Lastly, and my new favorite Featured Location, is Bardot in the Design District. This trendy spot has it all from live bands to an eclectic mix of tunes by the Young DJs who visit. It’s not too big and you will definitely enjoy the retro ambiance. Meeting people here is easy, with a long full-liquor bar and, of course, the entire club is a dance floor rocking indie, alternative, and old school beats.

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