Go Out There & Love Someone

Some wonderful lyrics from Dub FX’s “Love Someone”

“It’s possible to love someone, and not treat them in the way that you want, it’s possible to see your eyes be the devil in disguise with another front-end”

“It’s possible to change this world, revolutionize the boys and girls, it’s possible to educate the next generation, ever rule the world someday now”

“The world is not a vicious place, it’s just the way we’ve been raised, discovering time and space, I know we that could make a change, rearrange the way that we appreciate the world today”

“But is it luck that our love is crazy, place the human race to get me wrong, I still think we could change, but this life, the fact that time exists, were here, we don’t come equipped with it all”

“Half the fun is learning, I’m having a ball, the world keeps turning, my road is small but I make a change, I hope you’re feeling the same way, I’ll be sayin’ say what I say”

“In this concrete jungle we live, our survival is love that we give, now my instincts has got in my way, screw what they say, the world is your chance to create”

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