Let’s Retrieve True Beauty…

Beauty. Such a large, all-encompassing word.

Sometimes I feel that beauty has been distorted, or maybe just lost all together. All in all, I think there are two kinds of people: those that see beauty in everything around them and those that need everything (material) to see beauty.

One of my favorite Salvador Dali quotes is: “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” In modern times – in the sense of superficial-kind-of-beauty, like in magazines filled with celebrities and gossip – there has been an obsession with perfection. But as a graphic designer and advertising lover, I know it all too well. The nip and tuck of Photoshop, the smooth skin and pearly white teeth. It creates a false hope that women – young and old – perceive as possible. And then, it psychologically messes with women (and men, in their own respect), because now they think they aren’t good enough or “perfect” enough to be considered beautiful. What a convoluted mess!

The truth is that beauty resides in the way a person conducts themselves and how they perceives others and the world – with a sense of love and compassion. That exudes true beauty.

I believe all of this wholeheartedly, but I’m no saint. I’ve had my own moments of vanity and sadness. Personally it happened the worst for me when I was on the treatment of Accutane for a very bad case of acne. This was very hard to deal with; and up until recently, it was very hard to discuss this with anyone. Most people don’t know this because I kept it to myself, and handled the moments of weakness and sadness on my own. Truly my parents, best friends, and boyfriend at the time really were the only ones to see me break down from a happy and “beautiful” person to someone who perceived myself as valueless. Imagine that, feeling valueless?

I did a lot of soul searching, and I confided in my soul to reignite inside me with the confidence and strength I was born with. Then that’s what happened; it seemed like a while, but I was finally able to reach the point of acceptance. I accepted every scar, every bump, and every memory of the experience. I accepted not being “torn from a magazine” sheet. I accepted that God put something like this in my path in order to make me better and to recognize that vanity is nothing; with this experience, I was meant to see that all we have is the love in our hearts and the beauty that we show to others – that’s what real beauty is.

In my heart, I believe that beauty is in everyone. We all have it. It’s in our soul, it’s in a character trait, it’s in the way a person smiles when something really touches them. It’s simple – and I see it in so many people that genuinely don’t see it in themselves.

Since I once experienced such negative feelings, I try to open up peoples minds and compliment them when I see they are down. I want to bring beauty into the forefront of their consciousness and help them break down any barriers in themselves. I’m no psychologist, that’s for sure! But I’ve lived through some things and have gotten to a place of awareness. In turn, it has opened me up to a whole new way of perceiving life. It can be so rewarding to just give a little to those who need it. I highly suggest you try it and you’ll see – and feel – exactly what I’m talking about.

In the end, I’m in a state of bliss when it comes to “beauty.” I genuinely enjoy the gorgeousness of the world, and how it looks to smile in a photo, and peoples little flaws and amazing traits. I enjoy it all because I see it all as beautiful; and that is how we will retrieve true beauty, by opening our minds and hearts to perceiving it all as a blessing.

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