John Mayer Stops The Train :)

No matter how much time goes on, John Mayer’s songs always seem to entrance me, every time. From the classic “Your Body is a Wonderland” to the new Battle Studios album, I can’t help but love it all. And after attending his last concert for the 2010 tour in West Palm Beach, FL, I have a new found appreciation for John Mayer’s music. When you truly enjoy music, you appreciate everything from the melody to the poetic words and literal connotations that connect to your own life. His music holds so much power in such subtle, soft tunes.

That night at his last concert, there was one song in particular that stuck in my mind: “Stop This Train.” He was singing about this fast moving train called life, how fast we say goodbye to youth and approach old age. But more than the truthful words of the song, were his closing words to the audience in West Palm Beach that night. He gave us all the antidote to slowing down life and the fast moving inevitable end.

He said: I’ve figured it out. How to stop this train. And it’s not so difficult at all. It’s pretty simple actually. Just love everyone around you as much as you can, all the time. The ones that love you, love them back. Never stop loving them and telling them that you love them, because without love we just keep moving on this fast moving train and won’t be able to jump off.

Words to live by friends! It’s been my mental philosophy for a while now. although I don’t always act on it. But it happens to all of us, we know what we should do and we don’t do it anyways. We know we should tell the ones that love us day in and day out that we love them, but we get so caught up with life’s messes that we don’t.

So, I’m on my way now to tell my mother, my father, my family, my friends, that I care for them and love them, in hopes to slow down this fast moving train  🙂 Give it a shot, it might surprise you how fulfilled you will feel.

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