I Guess In the End, You Start to Think of the Beginning…

This is an entry I create back in August 2010, but I felt the cold weather in Miami called for a warm excerpt… The real emotions of young love and old comfort, with true endings and new beginnings…

The start of a new love entails nothing but rainbows and butterflies. The silly things your significant other does are beyond amusing and enjoyable. You enjoy a good laugh, a kind smile, and an honest talk. This persons flaws are not apparent nor to your interest. No reasons to complain, no reasons to leave. The warmth takes over all rational thoughts and emotions rule out all other factors. Even when you doubt some moment with this person, you lose to your hearts command. All in all, the heart takes over while the mind takes its place in the backseat.
Heart 1, Mind 0.

As time goes on and the emotions settle into a realistic mindset, this love entails more than just rainbows and butterflies. The silly things your significant other does start to lose amusement and times of enjoyability tend to be harder to reach. You can can still laugh, you can still smile, and still talk honestly – but it’s gets harder to muster up these moments. This persons flaws start lingering in your face, and you find more reasons to complain and reasons to leave than you’d ever expect. Rational thoughts take over all of the emotions and the warmth inside starts to get cold. Doubt prevails over hearts command; and all in all, the mind takes over while the heart takes it place in the backseat.
Mind 1, Heart 0.

The end comes and so many thoughts cross the mind. Is it possible to have the beginning all over again? Can we revert in time and feel those emotions that overturn rational thoughts? Could we go back to the start and find less reasons to complain, more reasons to laugh and warmth once again?

I am searching for you, warm heart.

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