City of Red, Sweet Love: NYC

This past weekend I visited the Big Apple; New York City, New York. It was my first visit to this lovely concrete jungle and I truly enjoyed all that the city had to offer – or at least, all that I experienced in such a short amount of time! But I was able to find some areas that stood out as the most amazing spots in NYC.

I could blast photos of Times Square and big brick Downtown buildings, which I  also visited and enjoyed, but I wouldn’t be showcasing my favorite area in NYC – the green of the city, Central Park. The air inside the park feels crisper than all over the city, and watching people sunbath without any water around them was a sight for a Miami-an like me! Yet after my first attempt to walk through the park, I found the only way to really explore it ‘s wonders was to travel fast – on bike!

On two wheels I saw most of Central Park and all it had to offer! Anywhere you stop in the park, you can look up and see the tall buildings surrounding it. Its impressive, and actually relaxing in comparison to the commotion throughout the city. There are so many people, which I imagined were tourists and locals alike, exercising and just purely enjoying the scenery, that it gave me a feeling a peace while cruising on through.

Landmarks like Strawberry Fields with John Lennon’s “Imagine” and the beautiful 1959 sculpture of Alice and Wonderland were of my favorites. I would have probably found more areas of interest if I had enough time to travel to the far north of the park, but it was a long stretch of land to cover. The experience of Central Park definitely calls for a whole day’s worth of enjoyability.

I also went to dinner in a artsy-street somewhere in Brooklyn. My friends and I enjoyed some deliciously fresh Sushi and Japanese beer. After our euphoric meal, we strolled around the area. Then we found this wall art created by Absolut Vodka and Spike Lee – and of course turned it into a photoshoot! Every girl loves a good photo-op.

The MOMA was another favorite spot of mine, with the most amazing art displayed in floors and floors of galleries. From modern marvels to classics works, like Picasso, this museum holds so much in one place. It felt like we missed some parts of it, because it’s just that many rooms of art displays! But all in all, I believe that I got the full experience of the MOMA – and a smile from ear to ear when walking out.

Another piece of living art work is Grand Central Station. The high ceilings and lighting differs so much from the  underground not-so-lovely subway stations. There are people walking in and out all of the time, just like in the movies, very romantical.

In culmination, I found out that this city has a lot to offer and so much to do! The best part was that in only three short days, I was able to enjoy just bits and pieces of New York City, but left with a wonderful feeling of fulfillment. From billions of yellow taxis, impressively tall buildings, and a never ending plethora of people,  the big apple is all that you imagined it would be – a city experience that everyone should have at least once in their life!

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