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If there is one thing I have learned in life, so far, is to fear nothing or anyone that threatens your happiness; You have the ability to overcome all things and you are the only one who can defeat yourself…

“If You’re Not Loving…”

You’re Not Living If You’re Not Loving …

… yourself more than someone else
… laughing at your own silly mistakes
… the lovely process that is self-growth
… looking back and learning from your past
… the people who show you real emotions
… spending time alone and thinking clearly
… meditating in whatever way you see fit
… this precious time on earth
… your real true self

Flower Bombs

Flower Bombs was my design partners, Arlene Delgado, thesis project for her last quarter at the Miami Institute of Art and Design. She decided to explore the world of guerrilla art with the idea of sending out positive karmic vibes in the form of different typographic collateral. Together, we went out into the Wynwood Art District and posted these messages all over using environmentally friendly wheat paste. Our friend Sindy Perez took these shots. Arlene was very happy with the results, as was I. Some of these posters are available for download. Feel free to print and post in your hometown. And make sure to email Arlene a picture. Spread the positivity and explore the karma of design.

The Holstee Manifesto

Miami Sunset

Cheers to a Beautiful City and a Beautiful Life
It truly is All a blessing

Photo by Giuliano Bonopaladino