LoveDrives stands for Inspiration.

Hello world! Through this blog, I hope to inspire others while finding inspirations myself. I believe that life is a journey of learning, growing and loving. And it is my goal to: keep progressing in the journey by learning all I can, adapting by growing into life’s situations, & loving everything & everyone more everyday. One of my focuses at LoveDrives is how to relate the minds of young-women that are trying to find their way in life and find out who they really are. Relationships, as many of us know, are made up of the good, the bad, and the ugly; and the most important relationship you have to work at is the one with Yourself. Through writing, I help define my goals for self-improvement every day. LoveDrives is also my outlet to finding inspiration through examples in everyday life and sharing it with you. Whether it be through digital work stumbled upon or important moments in news history, I want to keep the things that I love prominent on LoveDrives while enjoyable for others. So dig in, submerge yourself in love, and come along with me on the ride…

contact: info@lovedrives.com